Products and Services

Awnings and Canopies

Awnings and canopies are our primary area
of expertise.

• These structures can enhance a building’s street appeal, character and visibility.
• They can also be utilized to reinforce retail image which is vital to driving consumers to a business.
• Functionally, awnings and canopies provide environmentally friendly, energy efficient ways to reduce heat and block out harmful UV rays.
• They also provide shelter from the elements and improve privacy.

Digitally Printed Awning Fabric

Awning fabric can be printed on both sides to create the look of a woven fabric. We can reproduce custom colors, patterns, stripes and photographic images from your digital file. In this way, clients can enjoy custom designed fabrics without having to meet a minimum yardage requirement. The digitally printed fabric can be utilized in a wide variety of applications including banners, awnings, drop curtains, and event tent covers.

Patio Enclosures

Custom enclosures can be utilized to extend usable floor space, a cost effective way for businesses like restaurants to increase capacity.


Banners provide an alternative to basic wall signage and help improve visibility. We utilize several printing options including: silk screening, hand painting, digital printing and appliqué.


Recovering an existing awning or canopy frame is an economical way to change or improve the appearance of your building or store.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our crew is prepared to provide timely service when emergencies occur and repairs are needed. While awnings are generally low maintenance, some structures like retractable awnings, may require occasional adjustment to keep them working properly.

Custom Canvas and Metal Products

Our experienced sewing department and metal manufacturing team can create custom applications based on your design specifications. Please refer to our portfolio for some examples.

• Wind screens
• Drop curtains
• Tension structures
• Truck tarps
• Skylight covers
• Tents


We can apply graphics and signage on virtually any surface using a variety of techniques: silk screening, hand painting, digital printing and appliqué.

Powder Coating and Custom Metal Work

Many of our clients require custom finishes on their awning frames and custom metal structures. Powder coating provides a durable coat of color on aluminum and steel. Brass and stainless steel work can be utilized to enhance the visual appeal of your awning, canopy or banner.

Permit Expediting

The majority of new commercial awning projects require city permit approval. We can provide both permit drawings and expediting services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Design Consultation

Our sales representatives will help inspire your project by showing you a portfolio of past projects, possible awning shapes and styles (see website page for styles), and a comprehensive collection of fabric samples. All project quotes are free of charge.